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09-08-2010, 09:20 PM
Thanks for listening to Episode #15 of the GameLounge and indulging in our banter about what we saw, played, liked, and hated at PAX (I promise its the last time we'll mention it until PAX 2011). Come on in!

Show Notes - Episode #15


What we’re drinking

Digital Desk
- The King is Back, Officially
- The Best of PAX:
Best Campaign
Best Multiplayer
Surprise Hit
Game of PAX

GameBang (PAX Edition)
Fish - Fallout: New Vegas
Farva - Tron/Epic Mickey

Care Package
Fisherman - NHL 11
Farva - Spiderman Shattered Dimensions

Fresh Catch: K-Mart's games sales this week

Gamernight Announcements
Fish - Saturday 11th @ 7 pm TS Time, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, 9 pm TS BMDD
Farva - Thursday, COD MW 2, 9th

Thanks and Shoutouts

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