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09-01-2010, 10:14 AM
Download or listen here. (http://traffic.libsyn.com/tsamusic/TSAbout_Music__1_-_Top_Five_Pink_Floyd.mp3)

Nerves’ Pick: Artist – Jenny Lewis / Song – Jack Killed Mom / Album – Acid Tongue

Jitterbug’s Pick: Artist – The Books / Song – Free Translator / Album – The Way Out

Top Five: We tackle Jitterbug’s favorite band of all time: Pink Floyd. Listen to hear what we think are the best songs this timeless band ever made. Not an easy choice to say the least.

Download or listen here. (http://traffic.libsyn.com/tsamusic/TSAbout_Music__1_-_Top_Five_Pink_Floyd.mp3)

02-06-2012, 05:17 PM

I've been listening to the ship for a few months now, heard about it on the SG podcasts. I've always loved the shows but the first new TSA Music hit right home. You guys nailed it when it came to Floyd by speaking to how personal listening to PF can be. I was so inspired by the show that I registered for a forum for the first time in years just so I could share some of my favorite Pink Floyd moments. Whether you want to hear it or not, here it goes:

5) High Hopes - Nothing very deep on my end about this one, but I think it shows off how versatile Gilmour is. He's known by many as a guitar hero but this entire track is about percussion and how pervasive it can be. The melody is haunting and the ambiance of the bells creeps me out every time I hear it.

4) Breathe (In The Air) - Really should be the whole Dark Side album. This is the first time I thought of rock music as classically composed. This track sets up the melodic themes that run throughout the album. Probably my least favorite album to listen to song by song but one of the most incredible accomplishments in the history of rock and roll when viewed as a single composition.

3) Coming Back to Life - I was asked to play guitar in a wedding for people I barely knew. A mutual friend was playing piano for the ceremony and asked me to accompany. Their first dance was to this song and at that point I knew we were going to be good friends. 10 years later they've become like family and I can't imagine life without them so every time I hear this song I smile.

2) On the Turning Away - First song I ever played/sang for my wife. I've been a miserable son of a bitch for the 8 years since I sang this for her but still all it takes is a few minutes with the guit-fiddle to make my way out of the dog house with her.

1) Nobody Home/Vera - Okay, so it's two titles, two tracks, two totally different pieces of music but I can't listen to one without the other. This is how I find myself sometimes when times are tough, taking an inventory of all the bullshit lying around until I finally call out for the Ol' Lady and hope she's still hanging around. Really amazing to consider how important each track can be on its own on The Wall and still work together as a near perfect story.

Well, that's it from me, heck of a newbie post but the show really got me excited. It's going to be hard to top Pink Floyd on the next TSA Music but I can't wait to hear you try. Keep up the good work guys!