View Full Version : DVD review: Chloe

07-24-2010, 09:57 PM
I've never been so happy to have watched a movie, Amanda Seyfried simply rocks that body and shows off them breasts like it is nobody's business and Julianne Moore i have to say you were far from repulsive despite your upper age congrats on this movie, do watch.

WARNING: This movie should not be viewed with ones kids/wife/or parents

07-25-2010, 01:09 AM
Is it on netflix for instant stream?

07-25-2010, 01:45 AM
Haha Farva no its not. It just came out, it stars Liam Neeson.
Colby you could at least review the movie a little better, hell my reviews have more substance and mine suck.

07-25-2010, 05:15 AM
Well it actually is a pretty decent movie and theres not alot I can say,
The plot is that Julianne Moore suspects Liam Neeson is cheating so she hires Chloe to just open herself up to him and see what he does and thats when things get a little out of control. Definately worth getting on disc for netflix or even splurging for a redbox

07-29-2010, 06:19 PM
Yeah I watched it and Daaaaaaaammmmnn girl Amanda Seyfried is HOT! Worth watch just for her.
But really the movie was good, I like the way it was directed it was kinda like the main 3 characters and a little bit of a few more where the only people in the stories world. It was kinda neat because it was just about them no other "life" outside of theirs.