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05-18-2010, 01:46 PM
Hello, and welcome to the Weird Beer thread. The beers that I consider to be weird beers aren't bad beers, they're just...uh....weird.

I'll get things started by introducing y'all to the Shiner Smokehaus, A Mesquite Smoked Helles Style Sommer Bier. It is a seasonal beer, with a very smokey flavor. It's not a bad beer, it's just really different tasting (at least to me it is). I urge those of legal drinking age to try this bier at least once, if they can.


05-18-2010, 09:55 PM
I picked some of these up in Roswell New Mexico. Not a bad tasting beer, but more interesting for the name then anything else.


05-19-2010, 07:36 AM
Nice! So does everything in Roswell have "alien" in it? They are really playing off that alien landing thing a little to much, I think.

05-19-2010, 09:38 AM
I go to Roswell for work sometimes, and you would be shocked how much alien stuff there is. The Mcdonalds is even a crashed UFO design. I swear to God, there is a Alien Shaved Ice stand right off the main street. Crazy.

05-19-2010, 11:38 PM
Just thought I would share this one. Its called Dirty Bastard, probably cause it can sneak up on you and kick your ass while you aren't looking. It's got high alcohol content 8.3%.